About Saipan

Saipan is a Commonwealth of the United States in the Northern Mariana Islands. Throughout the year, the Island enjoys a sunny, tropical marine climate with ground temperatures of 25°C to 29°C and seawater temperatures averaging 27.8°C. Saipan, a glistening pearl in the Western Pacific Ocean, has the unique natural geographical environment and an abundant array of tourism resources.

Language & Currency

Official language: English

Currency: USD

Remark: Tipping is a normal practice in Saipan.


Visitors are suggested to bring short-sleeved shirts, shorts and other summer clothing. Sunscreen should be brought along for outdoor activities in Saipan.

Accessories should include power plug adapters for two-prong outlets, a warm jacket for long-distant flight, sunscreen items, snorkeling / wading shoes, as well as mobile phone waterproof cover.

Communications & Internet

There is network signal coverage across Saipan Island, but the signal is occasionally poor, so it is recommended that visitors bring their own mobile WIFI, which is cheaper to rent online in advance.

Travelers can access the internet by using international roaming, or buying pre-paid calling cards locally in Saipan.

Travel Safety

Saipan is an ideal destination for its well-maintained security and ecological environment.
However night-time travels to beaches and suburbs are not recommended due to the lack of streetlights and safety guards at night.

Emergency call: 911
Mariana Tourist Board complaint hotline: + 1 (670) 664-3200 / 3201