Saipan Marathon

With over 10-year history, the Saipan Marathon is held every year in the most beautiful phoenix season.  This annual run starts at the US National Memorial Park, featuring picturesque routes through Saipan's northern Marpi area and along the western shoreline that will absolutely be one of your most unique and memorable experiences.

Annual Flame Tree Arts Festival

Held in late April each year, the Flame Tree Arts Festival showcases the local culture of the Marianas and Micronesia with events like the carving art exhibition. Handicrafts are available to buy from local craftsmen for those looking for some unique art. Local dance exhibitions and displays of Chamorro culture is available to experience. This time of the year the Flame Trees are in full bloom with gorgeous red flowers all over the island, a truly beautiful and memorable sight to see.

Taste of the Marianas International Food and Beer Festival

Will be held on Saturdays between 15 May and 12 June, and the first day of the event will kick off the Northern Mariana Tour Day. Visitors have the opportunity to taste local dishes and international food prepared by the island's special chefs. Throughout the festival, the most notable thing is the Cooking and Cocktail Competition, where foreign chefs will be invited to be the judges.  In the evening you can enjoy the performance of local bands.

Liberation Day Festival Parade

During the celebration, there is a whole day of carnival activities, as well as games and food. The annual July 5th  is the culmination of the event.